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Variohm Group Markets


The energy sector encompasses the production, extraction, refining, transportation, and distribution of various forms of energy including solar, wind, hydroelectric, hydrogen, oil and natural gas. While the global pursuit of achieving net zero emissions is driving the clean and renewable energy boom, the oil and gas industry continues to play a crucial role in meeting worldwide energy demand.

Whether it’s renewable or non-renewable energy, sensing, switching and motion control solutions are ubiquitous throughout the entire process. This covers everything from tracking wind turbine blade position and monitoring subsea pipelines to managing fluid flow and pressure in power plants, switches in smart lighting and energy management systems, and monitoring levels, pressure and temperature in hydrogen and battery storage systems.

Continuing advancements in sensing technology bring ever greater benefits to the energy industry in terms of diagnostic capability, real-time decision-making capabilities, and system optimisation.


From medical equipment and devices to pharmaceuticals, biotech, research and diagnostics, sensors play a pivotal role in the medical sector. Their impact can be felt in many different areas as they help medical professionals to make informed decisions and patients to receive effective care.

The sensors, switches and controls used in the medical sector include pressure, position, temperature and load sensors, footswitches and hand controls through to complete positioning systems for sample manipulation in laboratories.

Our products are used extensively by medical OEMs seeking solutions that deliver highly accurate, reliable and precise movements and measurements. Often our customers require bespoke or customised solutions to suit very specific applications and our engineering design team is highly skilled in the process of new product development, ensuring they adhere to the rigorous standards of the medical field, and integrate seamlessly into the end equipment or device.


Across various industries, sensing, switching and connectivity solutions are used extensively to gather data, monitor processes and enable automation, playing a crucial role in enhancing efficiency, safety, and overall operational effectiveness. The applications are diverse, ranging from robotics and conveyor systems to environmental monitoring, retail, logistics, construction and infrastructure.

Our components meet the rigorous quality standards demanded by industrial applications ensuring reliable and consistent performance within specified tolerances. To ensure successful function in challenging conditions, we offer appropriate protection ratings, such as IP68, to safeguard against dust, water, and other environmental contaminants, and intrinsically safe options with ATEX, IEXEx and CSA approvals where necessary.


Safety, control, performance and efficiency are all critical in the transport industry. Our components are integrated into various modes of transportation, from road and rail to aviation, maritime, aerospace, special vehicles, automotive and motorsport. Here they serve a variety of critical functions from emergency stop switches to motion controls for autonomous guided vehicles, monitoring of engine performance, exhaust emissions and other parameters right through to development of simulators to evaluate suspension and steering systems and more.

From custom sensor solutions to on site manufacturing, contact one of our specialists