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Our Wind solutions

To operate efficiently and effectively, wind energy applications require a combination of favourable conditions, appropriate infrastructure, and effective maintenance. The design and quality of wind turbines play a significant role in their efficiency, with advanced aerodynamics and engineering enabling the capture of more energy from the wind. Continual exposure to the elements means the components that makeup wind turbines must be able to withstand extreme environments including high winds, rain, snow and seasonal temperature swings. 

By offering continuous feedback on various parameters, sensing technology enables operators to make informed decisions and take timely actions. Once installed, regular monitoring and maintenance are essential to ensure optimum performance and minimise downtime.

Types of Sensors supplied for Wind
From temperature, vibration, humidity and speed sensors to pressure transducers, actuators, motors and servo drives, we design, manufacture and supply a wide range of components for wind power applications.

Our standard, custom and bespoke solutions perform a variety of functions including vibration monitoring to assess the mechanical health of turbine components, torque sensors to measure the twisting force applied to the turbine’s drive shaft and position sensors to ensure proper alignment and control of the blades.

Example applications

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We have decades of experience working with manufacturing OEMs and research organisations, designing and manufacturing wind turbine sensors and fully integrated motion systems. Our proactive approach, engineering expertise and in-house manufacturing means we can develop an innovative sensing, switching or motion control solution for your wind energy application.

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