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Our Rail solutions

To improve safety, efficiency and reliability when moving passengers and freight over long distances, the rail transport sector looks to advances in technology. Sensors, switches and motion control systems are critical elements, working together to optimise train performance, enhance passenger safety and contribute to the overall reliability and sustainability of rail transportation systems.

Types of Sensors supplied for Rail
We supply the essential components for passenger and freight train rolling stock as well as rail infrastructure including tracks and maintenance depots.

These contribute to safe, efficient and reliable operation by monitoring various parameters and controlling systems. Temperature sensors measure temperatures in brakes, bearings and motors, door position sensors monitor the status of train doors to prevent them opening during transit, while vibration sensors monitor the health of components and detect anomalies. 

Example applications

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Our dedicated engineering team, supported by our skilled in-house manufacturing technicians, is here to help you identify and develop the right sensor or measurement solution for your rail transport application. Whether it’s going into a new system or an existing one that requires retrofitting, you can be certain that our solution meets the necessary standards and constraints.

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