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Our Tidal solutions

Harnessing the kinetic energy generated by the movement of tides in oceans and seas presents a number of challenges. Tidal and wave energy applications require the installation of turbine blades, underwater cables and other equipment in technically complex, often harsh marine environments. This requires the components used in tidal generation technology, both offshore and in ports and harbors, to withstand demanding and dynamic subsea conditions including saltwater, corrosion and marine growth.

Types of Sensors supplied for Tidal
We are a designer, manufacturer and supplier of tidal sensors and complete motion control solutions. This includes pressure sensors, temperature sensors, linear position sensors and intrinsically safe sensors, as well as multi-axis positioning systems

Our products play a crucial role in tidal energy by providing the data and information essential for the efficient and safe operation of tidal energy systems. The areas where our sensors make a difference include the assessment of potential sites, monitoring the performance of tide turbines, optimising energy capture, enabling predictive maintenance and ongoing monitoring of the structural health of components such as turbine blades and moorings. 

Example applications

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Our engineering and manufacturing teams have the knowledge and experience to provide an innovative and comprehensive sensing or motion control solution to meet the unique requirements of your tidal energy generation projects.

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