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Our Marine solutions

Pressure to reduce the carbon footprint of shipping has led to a focus on developing more sustainable propulsion systems and fuels for marine transport. Sensors play a crucial role in these critical goals, as well as in providing data on other operational parameters, helping to ensure safe, efficient and effective activities. Given the harsh and sometimes hazardous environment that sensors and switches are subjected to, it is essential that components are robust and reliable.

Types of Sensors supplied for Marine
We supply a wide range of sensors and switches to the marine transport industry to ensure safety, reliability and efficiency while navigating challenging environments. Our solutions are found in engines, propulsion systems, navigation systems, communication equipment and safety devices. 

This includes position sensors to monitor the position of rudders and crane arms, pressure sensors to measure pressures in hydraulic systems, temperature sensors to monitor temperature in engines, safety switches in emergency shutdown systems, and motion control components and systems to counteract the effects of waves, enable precise control of thrusters and in autopilot mode to automate steering, allowing the vessel to maintain a desired course. 

Example applications

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Innovation in the marine transport industry is essential for the long-term sustainability and competitiveness of the sector. Working with you, our engineers provide full support from product concept through manufacturing and certification, delivering a sensor solution that meets the needs of your specific marine application.

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