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Our Solar solutions

The specific requirements and conditions of solar applications mean the components used have to meet certain criteria in order to operate successfully. Varying weather conditions including extreme temperatures, humidity, UV radiation and potential damage from debris or wildlife make the durability of solar sensors a key consideration.

A long operational life with reliability over time is also essential as solar PV installations are typically designed to operate for decades, while accurate measurement of parameters such as tilt angle is vital as even small inaccuracies can result in significant energy production losses. Further consideration needs to be given to how sensors and other components in photovoltaic solutions integrate and communicate with the wider system.

Types of Sensors supplied for Solar
We design, manufacture and supply components that perform several functions in solar energy generation.

Temperature sensors are essential to ensure efficiency, safety and proper operation of the systems, linear position sensors monitor the position, alignment and movement of various components, and encoders determine the position and orientation of the solar panels. All provide essential data for system optimisation and predictive maintenance, ensuring the long-term performance of the solar installation. 

Example applications

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