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Our Special Purpose Vehicles solutions

Manufacturers of special purpose vehicles designed for specific tasks or industries such as construction, agriculture, mining and defence, face particular challenges given the specialised requirements of the vehicles and the demanding environments in which they often operate. To deliver optimum performance, their component parts need to contend with harsh environmental conditions including dust, moisture, corrosive substances, vibration and shock. Reliability and safety are paramount and the ability to control various parameters and provide accurate data for decision-making is key.

Types of Sensors supplied for Special Purpose Vehicles
We are a manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive range of sensors for special purpose vehicles and work as partners with many OEMs, excelling in designing custom and bespoke sensors to precisely match the requirements of the application.

This includes linear and rotary position sensors, tilt sensors, encoders, pressure transducers, temperature probes, waterproof switches, force and load sensors and motion control systems. Our components are built to meet stringent quality standards, ensuring long-lasting and dependable performance.

Example applications

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Our expertise ensures the sensors and switches we design, manufacture and supply for special purpose vehicles are tailored to meet the unique requirements and challenges of the market. With a team of engineering specialists, we provide technical support for your application throughout the entire sensor specification, integration and maintenance process, building valued long-term partnerships.

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