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Research & Education  solutions

The effectiveness and ability of the industrial research and education sector to contribute to the development of innovative solutions and address real-world challenges relies heavily on having access to the critical components necessary to provide data and measurements that support the research activities and educational objectives. The fast pace of technological advancements can make it challenging for researchers to stay at the forefront of their field when looking to optimise manufacturing processes, develop sustainable technologies or improve product performance.

Types of Sensors supplied for Research & Education 
The sensors we design, manufacture and supply can be found in industrial research and educational laboratories supporting experiments, data collection, process monitoring and hands-on learning experiences.

They enable researchers, engineers, and students to gather precise data, conduct experiments and gain a better understanding of various scientific and engineering principles. Among the components we supply are thermocouples, strain gauges, load cells, linear position sensors, torque and vibration sensors.

Example applications

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Industrial research and education applications often require bespoke sensing and motion control solutions to facilitate data collection and experimentation. Our team of engineers is on hand to advise how advances in sensor and motion technology can help expand the possibilities of your research project, working in conjunction with our in-house manufacturing technicians to develop the right solution for you.

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