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Our Aerospace solutions

The components used in aircraft and spacecraft for navigation, control, monitoring and safety often operate in extreme conditions including wide temperature ranges, high radiation levels and high altitudes. Developing components that can withstand these conditions without any effect on performance is a significant challenge. In addition, accuracy, reliability, durability, weight and size constraints, and adherence to applicable regulatory standards, are essential factors to consider when specifying parts for aerospace applications.

Types of Sensors supplied for Aerospace
We are a manufacturer and supplier of aerospace sensors that provide critical measurements for flight and engine control, test and measurement systems.

Our components are used throughout aircraft and testing facilities and include thermal switching solutions, push-to-talk switches, temperature detectors, pressure, speed, torque, load and force sensors

Example applications

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We make your machines smarter, safer & more efficient

We have a proven track record of designing and supplying sensors, switches and motion control systems to the aerospace industry and have a strong portfolio of standard products as well as the knowledge and experience to design and manufacture customised and fully bespoke solutions. With a problem-solving mindset, a dedication to customer service and a collaborative approach, we are a trusted partner for your aerospace application.

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