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Our Oil & Gas solutions

Monitoring and controlling the processes involved in the oil and gas industry, from exploration and drilling to refining, distribution and retail, requires sensors and components that can stand up to the demands of this harsh and unforgiving environment. Alterations in pressure and vibration, for example, can lead to damage to pipelines, wells and machinery as well as compromised worker safety. This can result in unexpected operational interruptions, significant losses or even catastrophic failures. Many applications in this sector require components to be intrinsically safe and hold relevant hazardous area approvals, such as ATEX, IECEx and CSA, to demonstrate they are specifically designed for use in potentially explosive environments. 

Types of Sensors supplied for Oil & Gas
Exploration of oil and gas fields, oil drilling equipment and oil rig structures and platforms requires a wide range of sensors.

We develop and supply sensors, switches and motion control solutions that can withstand the demanding nature of the surroundings. They are corrosion-resistant, can tolerate a wide range of temperatures, and have the ability to withstand the high pressure of the ocean and the vibrations caused by waves, wind and machinery. Our submersible sensors and waterproof switches are designed to handle exposure to saltwater immersion, while our position and pressure sensors carry ATEX, IECEx and CSA approval.

Example applications

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We have a proven track record of designing and supplying sensors to the oil and gas industry and offer off-the-shelf products as well as customised and fully bespoke solutions. Our extensive portfolio of sensors, switches and motion control components can help you stay ahead of a rapidly evolving landscape, and our commitment to staying on the cutting-edge of technology means you have access to the latest advancements. From concept to implementation and ongoing support, we are a reliable partner for your oil or gas energy application.

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