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Our Automotive solutions

The rise of electric vehicles and the pursuit of sustainability are two trends influencing the role of sensors in the automotive industry. Enhancing electric motor performance and efficiency, advancements to battery life, improving the environmental footprint of internal combustion engines and driving safety features are just some of the areas where sensor and motion control technology continues to innovate and add value. Many of these sensors operate in rough and harsh environments that involve extreme temperatures, vibrations and exposure to environmental contaminants and so it is essential they are designed to withstand these stresses.

Types of Sensors supplied for Automotive
We are a manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive range of sensors for automotive applications, including electric vehicles. This includes passenger cars and commercial vehicles which require a wide array of components to ensure safety and enhance performance and user experience.

Our range includes ultrasonic sensors for detecting obstacles in collision avoidance systems, sensors to track parameters such as speed, acceleration and steering angle, switches for HVAC, lighting and other interior controls, and motion control to assist with steering, anti-lock braking systems and adaptive cruise control.

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The automotive industry is dynamic and constantly evolving, driven by consumer demand, technological advancements and regulatory changes.  Our experienced team of engineers and manufacturing technicians will work with you to define the specifications and requirements of your application and environment, applying their knowledge and insight to develop the most effective solution.

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