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Our Medical equipment solutions

Switches and motion control systems are essential components in medical equipment, enabling healthcare professionals to operate equipment efficiently and ensure patient safety. Whether it is a footswitch used to operate an x-ray machine, lower a hospital bed or control machine functions in an operating theatre, or a hand control to turn equipment on and off, ease of use and safety, ergonomic design, anti-slip surfaces and variable pressure sensitivity are key considerations. For certain medical equipment applications, components must also meet medical approvals such as UL 60601.

Types of Sensors supplied for Medical equipment
Among the components we supply to the medical equipment market are footswitches, hand controls, pressure switches, air switches, infrared and puck switches.

We also offer a UL 60601-approved medical design platform that combines standard electrical footswitches and puck switches in a modular base system, which allows OEMs a high level of flexibility. In addition to standard components, we can customise our standard products, or develop a completely bespoke solution.

Example applications

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Whether you want a component part or a full switching or motion control solution for your medical application, we have an experienced team of engineers and manufacturing technicians who have worked as a trusted partner on many new product developments from design to prototype and completion.

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