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Our Agriculture solutions

With the agricultural industry always striving to enhance productivity, reduce resource waste and improve overall efficiency, real-time data and feedback that enables farmers to optimise their operations is key. The sensors and motion control solutions that are integrated into agricultural equipment and machinery and in smart farming applications must be able to withstand a range of environmental conditions. These can be demanding and diverse and include temperature fluctuations, humidity and exposure to dust, water or chemicals. In addition, during planting and harvesting seasons, equipment may need to operate for extended periods so the machinery components must be reliable.

Types of Sensors supplied for Agriculture
We are an agricultural sensor designer, manufacturer and supplier with a wide product portfolio which includes pressure, temperature and position sensors, waterproof switches, ball switches, pneumatic switches and footswitches.

Our robust components have a long life, wide operating temperature range, high IP ratings, are resistant to shock and vibration and are highly accurate and reliable. Our motion control solutions enable precise and automated control of machinery and equipment and can be seen in applications including harvesting equipment, telescopic and boom steering systems, in-row weeding, livestock handling and autonomous agricultural robots.

Example applications

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With decades of experience working with agricultural machinery and equipment OEMs we have the engineering knowledge to define and develop the best sensing, switching or motion control system for your agricultural application.

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