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Our Domestic appliances solutions

In today’s rapidly changing and competitive marketplace, domestic appliance manufacturers face a number of challenges. These include changing consumer preferences such as increasing demand for connectivity and smart features, and regulatory changes around energy efficiency, safety and the environment. Key to meeting these needs are the components contained in household appliances, from refrigerators and washing machines to coffee makers, fans, irons and ovens. Sensors and switches must meet the specific requirements of household appliances, such as operating temperature range, and be easily integrated into mass production.

Types of Sensors supplied for Domestic appliances
Our sensors and switches play a significant role in modern domestic appliances, enhancing their functionality, efficiency and convenience. They help to automate processes, respond to user input and operate safely.

Within our range, we have temperature sensors and switches that are used in ovens, kettles, coffee machines and food blenders. We also offer load sensors that are a key component of washing machines and dishwashers to measure load weight and adjust water and detergent use accordingly.

Example applications

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