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Our Robotics solutions

Driven by the desire for increased efficiency, productivity and innovation, the robotics and automation industry continues to make advancements. Automated processes and robots can now be found in a multitude of industries that were traditionally manual or labour-intensive. There are, however, a number of challenges and considerations that must be addressed.

These include the specialised expertise needed to ensure compatibility and seamless operation, the safety of human workers alongside automation systems, the reliability of robotic systems, the fact that many industries require highly customised solutions and the impact of environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and dust which can affect performance and reliability.

Types of Sensors supplied for Robotics
Among the sensors, switches and motion control components and systems we design and manufacture for the robotics and automation industry are position sensors, force sensors, gear sensors, and emergency stop switches and hand controls to quickly and effectively halt machinery and processes in emergency scenarios.

Our servo motors and drives, linear actuators, precision gearboxes and motion controllers enable precise movement, positioning and control of robotic mechanisms and machinery to enhance performance, efficiency and accuracy. Our components provide real-time data that helps optimise production, detect anomalies, and maintain consistent operations.

Example applications

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Many industries that use robotics and automation systems require highly customised solutions that can adapt to specific needs while remaining cost-effective. Our team of engineers has a wealth of product and system application knowledge and can design, develop and deliver the best solution for your robotics application.

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