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In-house engineering

Our team of engineers are able to work at pace to develop solutions to complex technical challenges, undertaking rigorous testing and ensuring adherence to specific industry standards.

We have multiple strands of expertise within the team, giving us the knowledge to design, develop and optimise sensing, switching and motion control solutions to meet specific customer requirements, from concept through to implementation. Ongoing collaboration and sharing of ideas by our engineers across the Group drives continuous innovation and improvement in products and processes, which ultimately benefit our customers.

New product development

We are a strategic partner for many of our customers, acting as an extension to their in-house engineering teams.

With our depth of product and application knowledge, we transform ideas into viable concepts. From detailed product designs and prototypes through to the finished component, we provide a comprehensive new product development solution for our customers, protecting their intellectual property and competitive advantage.

Product customisation

Working closely with our customers to develop a deep understanding of their unique needs, enables us to develop customised solutions that are a perfect fit.

This could mean modifying a sensor with a specific connector, a switch with customised electronics or engineering motion control components into a complete positioning system. Our streamlined product development process reduces the time to market and we maintain strict quality control standards and processes, with the flexibility to rapidly adapt to changing project requirements as needed.

On-site manufacturing

We have manufacturing facilities in the UK, Hungary and the USA which gives us control over our production processes.

Manufacturing our products on-site means we can implement rigorous quality control measures to ensure all components meet the required standards and specifications. It also gives us the flexibility to adjust production volumes and processes quickly in response to changes in demand, design adjustments or new customisation options.

By optimising our production process, we reduce waste and can typically offer shorter lead times resulting in faster product delivery. Our team of manufacturing technicians is skilled with specialised knowledge and expertise and a drive to build long-term partnerships with our customers.

Industry-leading supply partners

Working with carefully selected supply partners that adhere to rigorous standards, we are able to reliably offer products and services of exceptional quality that are often at the forefront of innovation.

This ranges from sensors and transducers to servo drives, encoders, actuators and motors, as well as many more components. Our close and collaborative relationships means we have access to their wealth of expertise, knowledge, research and development and can work together with them to develop the most effective solution for your application.

The driving force behind our success 
is our people.

From custom sensor solutions to on site manufacturing, contact one of our specialists