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Our Diagnostics solutions

Whether it is x-ray, CT or MRI imaging technology, clinical laboratory testing of blood or tissues, or molecular diagnostic techniques to identify genetic markers, sensors, switches and motion control components are integral components of medical diagnostic equipment. All components must meet any applicable regulations and be highly accurate and reliable, as even small errors or inconsistencies can have significant consequences for early disease detection, treatment planning and patient care. 

Types of Sensors supplied for Diagnostics
The sensors, switches and motion control solutions we supply to the medical diagnostics market vary depending on the type of equipment and the specific medical application.

It includes position, temperature, pressure, force and load sensors, pressure switches, motorised stages in microscopes and automated pipetting solutions.

Example applications

Why work with Variohm

We make your machines smarter, safer & more efficient

Our motion control, switching and sensing solutions enhance the accuracy, repeatability and efficiency of medical diagnostic procedures and processes, helping healthcare professionals achieve reliable results and improve patient outcomes. Our team of engineers will work with you to design and develop components or complete systems that meet the needs of your specific application, with our in-house manufacturing capability giving us the flexibility to deliver exactly what your diagnostic application requires.

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