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Discover the sensors, switches and motion control solutions we have developed for defence applications.

Our Defence solutions

Defence equipment manufacturers face a number of challenges in their operations. This includes stringent regulations to ensure safety and security and the rapid technological advancements necessary to stay competitive and meet the evolving needs of the armed forces. Environmental factors, such as the heat and dust found in arid deserts or tropical jungles, can have a significant impact on the performance and reliability of equipment components. High temperatures can lead to overheating and can reduce battery performance, whereas dust can infiltrate components. The sensors and switches must also be rugged to withstand shock and high vibration.

Types of Sensors supplied for Military & Defence
We are a defence sensor manufacturer and supplier, providing standard and custom-designed switches, sensors and positioning systems.

Among the components in our portfolio are inclinometers to measure a vehicle’s tilt or inclination and pressure sensors to ensure crew comfort and safety in aircraft at high altitudes. Our motion control systems enable unmanned aerial vehicles and drones to navigate, stabilise and executive manoeuvres, whereas footswitches can be used to control push-to-talk functionality in communication systems, allowing personnel to communicate over radios without using their hands.


Example applications

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We produce and supply high-quality and reliable components for military equipment applications. Our sensors, switches and motion control systems are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and we will work in partnership with you to develop customised solutions that meet your specific needs.

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