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Our Security solutions

Some of the most common sensors used within alarm systems across residential, commercial, industrial and institutional settings are door contacts that let a system know whether a door is opened or closed. Traditional door contact systems that use reed switches come with a set of limitations and challenges including vulnerability to tampering and false alarms. For this reason, more secure magnetic door protection solutions are fast becoming the product of choice.

Types of Sensors supplied for Security
Our magnetic defeat-resistant security switches enhance physical security by monitoring the status of doors, gates or entry points and providing alerts or actions when there are unauthorised or unusual events.

Our portfolio includes recessed and surface contacts, fixed panic switches and fence anti-climb and cut protection, with our high security contacts meeting the strict UL 634 Level 2 High Security standards. Our advanced motion sensors use FMCW radar to provide unparalleled intruder detection performance while minimising false positives caused by small animals or changing environmental conditions. 

Example applications

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If you are looking for a virtually indestructible, defeat-resistant switch for your security system application or a motion sensor system, our team of experts will work with you to design and develop a solution to meet your specific application needs.

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